GB WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version for Android 2024



GB WhatsApp is the advanced version of the legit WhatsApp. The main reason to use GB WhatsApp is its function and features. The advanced features are missing in the official WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp Pro provides advanced and polished features for users. These advanced features include the effects of emojis, read-delete messages, DND feature, auto-reply, and various others. Because of these remarkable features, more people are attracted to this messaging app called GB WhatsApp.

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How To Fix “ You Need The Official WhatsApp To Login” Problem?

Sometimes official WhatsApp updates its policies and you may face a logon issue. Official WhatsApp company asked you to log in with your official account. However, this blocking issue does not happen with everyone. In this situation, every user wants to protect their app. However, users of GB WhatsApp do not worry because their developers are trying to solve this issue. The developers cracked the codes and GB WhatsApp Pro constantly used their account without any issue. So, you must have to use the latest version of the GB WhatsApp.


What Is GB WhatsApp And GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp is the changed version of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has various versions that you can also try. You can experience improved features in this modified version of WhatsApp. For instance, you can hide various statuses, you can choose more people to send messages to, and share large media files. GBWhatsApp Pro is another advanced feature of WhatsApp, that you must try on your Android device. If you know from different websites that GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro are different from each other. But these two apps are the same and you can use anyone from them.

Why Do People Prefer Usih GB WhatsApp?

You can see there is no difference between the original WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro. The only thing that makes the GB and Pro WhatsApp superior to official WhatsApp is its features. So, users can easily get the GB WhatsApp Pro on their devices and start using its fantastic features. Some of the enhanced features are staying online always, message scheduling, blue ticks, collection of themes and emojis, DND mode, anti-ban feature, and many others.

What Is the Difference Between GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp Pro offers various improved features that are inaccessible in the official WhatsApp. You can share large media files like photos and videos with the help of Pro GB WhatsApp. It also protects the users from banning. A DND node is also available in this app. Moreover, official WhatsApp restricts you to set a status of 135 characters but GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to write the 255 characters. Simply, enhanced features and functions make GBWhatsApp Pro different from the official WhatsApp.

Feature GB WhatsApp WhatsApp
Status Length 255 139
File Sending Limit 999 MB 100 MB
Forwarding Limit Unlimited Chats 5 Chats
Always Online
Security Lock
Download Status
Themes Store
Bulk Message
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
DND Mode

Download GBWhatsApp New

Are you worried about losing your chat history on GB WhatsApp? Unfortunately, if you face the banning issue of your WhatsApp account. Don’t switch to another company, you need to wait till the issue is resolved. When the GB WhatsApp developer resolves this issue, you need to download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp Pro and get your chat back.

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GB WhatsApp Features

GB WhatsApp is popular because of its amazing advanced collection of functions. The following are the details of all these features and attributes:

Privacy Options

Users can experience the improved privacy functions in the GBWhatsApp APK. These privacy options are not accessible in the official WhatsApp. With the help of these privacy features, users can enable or disable the online status, blue and double ticks, recording, typing status, and many others.

Auto Reply

This feature helps promote your business. You can also use it for personal use. With the help of this function, you can set an auto-reply message. This message is sent to the users when they are messaging you. You can reply to the message anytime.


One of the mod GBWhatsApp APK's best features is the availability of various themes. There is no need to download any external theme or app. GBWhatsApp APK provides an attractive collection of themes. So, users can change any theme at any time and without any limit. Further, developers are continuously adding more themes to the app.

Anti Revoke

A useful function available for the users is called anti-revoke messages. Some users send you a message and delete it before you read it. In this situation, you can try this function and read deleted messages of any users.

Bulk Sender

With the help of this feature, you can send unlimited messages to anyone. You can use this feature to prank anyone. Further, it also helps to send promotional messages related to your business. This function is cool and you must try this using the GBWhatsApp Pro.

Send Maximum Pictures

Official WhatsApp restricted users from sending media files like photos, videos, and audio. You can limit the media file in the Sanders version of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp APK allows you to share large media files. For instance, it permits you to upload 90 images at a time. Users can send 50MB of video and 100MB of audio files. This feature makes this mod version preferable over the official WhatsApp.

Hide Status Seen

Sometimes when any user updates the status of Whatsapp and you want to see it. But you need to watch the status of any person in hidden mode. Try this feature to hide the status seen and watch their status without their knowledge. You can also download the status.

Send high-quality Images

When sharing images, sometimes it affects their quality. But GBWhatsApp APK allows the users to share the HD quality images with other users. There is no need to share the photos in document files. You can simply upload the image and share it with your contacts.

DND Mode

Sometimes, you are doing some important work or using any other app and don't want that WhatsApp messaging to disturb you. Users can experience the DND mode in the advanced version of WhatsApp. With the help of this do not disturb mode you can do your work without any interruption.

Download Status

The standard version of WhatsApp does not offer the status download service. If you want to download the status of any user you need to download another app. But GBWhatsApp APK is an awesome app, you can download status directly with the help of this app. Users can easily get any video or status image directly on your device storage.

App Lock

Here is another beneficial feature that you can try in this app. A built-in app lock is available for security. You can use a PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint to lock the app. In this way, you can add an extra security layer to your communication app.

Filter Messages

The last nut on the east, users can use the filter message function in this GBWhatsApp APK. With the help of this feature, you can easily filter your WhatsApp chat and remove unnecessary messages from the app.

App Name GB WhatsApp
Version v17.85
Size 79 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Developer WAMods
Root Non
Downloads 5 Million+
License Type Freeware
Last Updated 1 day ago


GB WhatsApp Updates

If you are using the older version of the GBWhatsApp and want to get the latest updated version, you need to follow the given instructions. Users can use the two ways to get the updated version of the GBWhatsApp. You need to update it manually because this app does not get the automatic update.

Follow the given instructions:

The first method is that you need to open the official GBWhatsapp website. Here you can see the latest version of the GB WhatsApp. You need to simply get the updated version of the Pro GB WA.

The second method is that you need to open the GB WhatsApp Pro. Go to the settings of the app, if there is any update available, you can see the option of “ GBWhatsApp Update ''. You just need to use this option to download the updated version and install it on your device. Now you can enjoy the latest features in this app.

Different GB WhatsApp Versions

Various other GB WhatsApp versions are also available for the users. You can select any one from them according to your preference. For instance GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp APK, Heymodes GB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp MOD version, GB WhatsApp lite, Omar GB WhatsApp, and others. Users can select any of them from this page and download them without any difficulty on their Android device.

Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe?

It is one of the most common questions that every user wants to know about this updated version of WhatsApp. If you observe the customer feedback they do not face any issue relating to the banning of the app. Further, no one faces the issue of leakage or losing your Whatsapp data. But you must ensure that you need to choose a safe and secure website for downloading the APK file of this app. In this way, you can minimize the risk of banning or losing your data.

Will GBWhatsApp Have a Data Security Issue?

The other information that every user wants to know about the data leakage issue. When you want to Download GBWhatsApp, various websites are available on the internet. But you need to select the secured website for downloading this app. Because it is a third-party app an unauthorized website can create issues for you. You may face a data leakage issue. So you need to choose a website that does not require any personal information. So, you do not face the data leakage issue. For safe use, you must follow the SOP of the GBWhatsApp, otherwise the developer will not be responsible for any loss. Additionally, for your data safety, you must save a backup of all your WhatsApp data. If you face any irregular issues, you can restore all your data.

FAQs About GBWhatsApp

Is it possible to recover the banned GBWhatsApp Account?

Yes, it is possible. You need to simply download the latest version of the GBWhatsApp.

Is It Safe To Use GBWhatsApp APK?

Of course, it's 100% safe and secure to use without any worry.

Can I Operate GB WhatsApp APK and Official WhatsApp on a Single Device?

Yes, it is possible to operate the official and GB Whatsapp on the same device but using different phone numbers.

Which Is The Most Secure Function Of The GBWhatsApp APK?

You can find the most secure option known as the fingerprint lock option.

Can I Update The GBWhatsApp APK?

It's a third-party app and unavailable on the Play Store. It does not receive the auto updates. Users need to update the app manually. You can update the app from the settings of the GBWhatsApp or download the latest version if any available.


Every user wants to experience the more customized option of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp provides a wealth of features. All these attributes are unavailable in the official WhatsApp. You may face various restrictions in the standard version of Whatsapp. GBWhatsApp APK gradually became popular due to its fantastic features. You can also use multiple other versions of the GB WhatsApp Pro on your device. You can also recommend it to your friends. Besides GBWhatsApp Pro You can also download Yo WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. Further, these advanced versions are available for Android users. After reading the above content, you will learn all about the GB WhatsApp APK, GB WhatsApp, features, issues, and all other concerning questions. The GB WhatsApp is famous due to its amazing stunning features. Users can also scan the GBWhatsApp Pro code and start to use it on their devices.